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Smart Meter Summit 2021

In the recent past, to improve the operational efficiency of the Distribution Companies and to provide better cost effective services to consumers, Power Distribution Sector worldwide is rapidly adopting the Smart Metering Technology. This technology is futuristic and helps Distribution Companies in effective distribution operations as well as help utilities in managing dynamic and disruptive changes happening in the grids due to solar energy infusion, Home Automation, Electric Vehicles, Storage, etc. In India, itself, there are around 360 million consumers and smart metering adoption is in initial stage. Similarly, for any Smart Cities, Smart Energy is a prerequisite for which Smart Metering is the core enabler.

The objective of SMS is to provide a platform for key stakeholders to discuss the metering requirements and opportunities in India. The conference will also highlight the key challenges faced and enable knowledge sharing on various aspects of smart metering including communication systems, emerging technologies, design and testing, and data acquisition and management. The conference will also showcase the best practices in the metering space.

Smart Metering Summit intends to invite experienced solution providers with proven technologies to participate at this exclusive forum and showcase their technology/services to collaborate with state or private energy distribution companies in implementing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) at competitive prices and with proven technology.

Key Target Audience

  • Utility companies
  • Meter manufacturers
  • Advanced metering infrastructure system vendors
  • National regulatory authorities
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution providers to utilities
  • System integrators
  • Managed service providers for utility companies
  • Advanced metering infrastructure software vendors
  • Investment research firms

SMS categorizes the advanced metering infrastructure market to forecast the revenues and analyze the trends in each of the following submarkets:

By Device

  • Smart energy meters

By Service

  • System integration
  • Meter deployment
  • Program management and consulting

By Solution

  • Meter data management
  • Meter data analytics
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure security
  • Meter communication infrastructure

AMI in the Indian Context

Modernizing India's grid system by investing in AMI promises to mitigate a number of strains placed on the grid due to growing demand for electric, gas and water resources. In particular, AMI will improve three key features of India's grid system including

System Reliability: AMI technology improves the distribution and overall reliability of electricity by enabling electricity distributors to identify and automatically respond to electric demand, which in turn minimizes power outages.

Energy Costs: Increased reliability and functionality and reduced power outages and streamlined billing operations will dramatically cut costs associated with providing and maintaining the grid, thereby significantly lowering electricity rates.

Electricity Theft: Power theft is a common problem in India. AMI systems that track energy usage will help monitor power almost in real time thus leading to increased system transparency.

The main objectives of SMS:

  • To assist the Indian power sector to deploy smart grid technologies in an efficient, cost effective, innovative and scalable manner by bringing together all key stakeholders and enabling technologies.
  • To create a platform for public and private stakeholder members, research institutions and power utilities to exchange ideas and information on smart grids and develop use case scenarios for India.
  • To bring together experts from regulation, policy, and the corporate sector to build support for smart grid policies.
  • To conduct research on the capabilities of smart grids in the Indian context through case studies, cost-benefit analysis, study of technical advancements in renewable energy sources and other ancillary activities.
  • To make recommendations to the Government, Regulators, Utilities and Consumers through presentations, reports, showcase of technologies etc.


  • Develop an effective AMI Business Strategy and Business Case for your utility’s unique circumstances
  • Cost Benefit Analysis – Determining and Analyzing the Economical Benefits and Returns on Investment for your AMI deployment
  • Gain System Design, Deployment and Integration Best Practices for your AMI Implementation
  • Quality Assurance & Performance Enhancement – Ensuring you know how you can develop and implement processes/strategies that leverage the full value of your utility’s underlying infrastructure
  • Improve Project & Program Management Plans for your AMI installation and integration

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